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So You Think You Can Write huh?

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Continuing in the series of finding motivation to write I want to touch on the topic of not everyone is born to write. Yea I know we go through grade school writing essays and reports so that should have been enough preparation right? Wrong.


If you think you can write then kudos to you, if you truly know that you can write and love doing it whenever you can then your my new friend. Writing is about allowing what you write to be an expression of who you are and what your about. Writing is about learning from others mistakes and your own as well as teaching.

Whether you write on your own personal blog or for a major publication, make what you write fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when your writing:

  1. Focus on one thing at a time.  - Writing on multiple topics at once is basically asking for a disaster.
  2. Leave your emotions at the door.
  3. Work with others. – There is no sense at all in being a hermit crab and not socializing. Once you begin to socialize with others you will begin to notice how much more inspiration you can tap into for your writing.
  4. Use social media.
  5. Be passionate about what your writing about.

Often times it is said that in the little things that often get overlooked, the greatest results can be made.

So get to writing and have fun with it.

Also I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter. What writing tips and tricks do you use while writing?

(photo from the trial via flickr)

  1. clippingimages says:

    WoW :) Awesome article for writing. Definitely we should follow some rules while writing some post in blog or to publish some article. Very informative article to guide a newbies while writing. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  2. Geez, I have to confess, I just don’t agree.

    1. A professional writer almost always has to work on multiple projects simultaneously.
    2. Any writing worth reading has an emotional effect.
    3. Yeah, socializing is good for all of us, but the bottom line is that writing is a solitary sport.

    I agree with the last two items on your list. Maybe this is meant for hobby writers rather than professionals or writers who are working toward publication?

  3. Hmm.

    1. It probably depends. I write for a business blog during my day job, and write reviews for anything from books to spas in my free time. I also try to keep exercising my fiction writing muscles every once in a while. I thrive on having diverse topics, otherwise I just get bored. Different strokes for different folks?

    2. I think it’s more like you have to make an emotional connection with your reader. But you don’t need to spew your own personal emotions all over the place to do that.

    3. I write best in complete silence, but I can’t have this in the office. But the office environment is an ideal place for me to bounce off ideas with my coworkers. So I guess a balance must be achieved in this area.

    I also agree very much with 4 and 5. :)


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