Optimizing To Win

Posted on 24. Nov, 2009 by David Y in Web Development

Optimizing To Win

Imagine for a moment a developer named Bob. Bob has just finished a huge web development project utilizing wordpress as the CMS. All the images have been carefully optimized, sprites have been implemented and unnecessary code has been removed, sitting back in his fancy office chair Bob smiles and pats himself on the back at a job well done.

Later down the road the client reappears stating there site is slow and a whole host of problems that could have been avoided if only Bob had given a little extra time to making sure the platform was optimized not just for present loads but to handle future load times as well.

From my personal experience that extra amount of time spent making sure everything is in tip top shape saves headaches later on down the road.

Some may not even know where to begin on the process of optimizing a site outside of image sizes, especially if the site is based on wordpress.

So to help those of us who sometimes forget this important step as well as help those who don’t know where to start, below is a list of articles that work wonders in getting things on track with ease.

We all love wordpress because of the flexibility and the ability to add in plugins that further enhance the user experience. With the ease of installation presented by plugins optimizing a site is easier than before. Here are a few plugins I tend to use both on my site as well as on client sites.

As you can see optimizing a wordpress site is easy so there should be no excuse why such a important step should be left out of the design/development process.

What are some ways in which you’ve optimized a wordpress site?

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