6 Must have wordpress plugins

Posted on 04. Aug, 2009 by David Y in Web Development

Setting up a new wordpress installation is always exciting. No matter how many times you’ve done it before, setting up a new site and building it up from the ground up never seems to get old.  However to ensure that your site has the functionality and pizazz you may be looking for here is a list of 6 plugins that are a must have for your new wordpress site.

  • Askimet – Time and time again this plugin has saved many a site from the horror of dealing with spam. It isn’t 100% accurate but then again nothing really is. You can pick it up from http://akismet.com/
  • All in One Seo Pack – We all know the importance of Search Engine Optimization and with this nifty plugin setting your site up SEO wise is a breeze. You can pick it up from http://semperfiwebdesign.com/
  • Google Xml Sitemaps – A simple plugin that creates a sitemaps.org compatable sitemap for you wordpress site which is supported by Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and Bing. You can find it at http://www.arnebrachhold.de/redir/sitemap-home/
  • TweetMeme Button – Makes posting to twitter easier than ever and to top it off you can check the stats of who retweeted your posts right from your wordpress admin panel. You can pick it up at http://tweetmeme.com/about/plugins
  • Statpress Reloaded – A real time stats tracker for your site. Shows your how many uniques, pageviews, spiders, rss feeds, where your visitors are coming from and more. You can find it here http://blog.matrixagents.org/wp-plugins/
  • Google Analytics – Gives you the power of using Google Analytics in your blog, automatically inserts the code for you so you don’t have to do that yourself and voila your all good to go. You can find it here Google Analytics plugin download

These 6 plugins provide a very much invaluable amount of good to your new wordpress installation.

What are some of your favorite plugins to use on a new wordpress installation?

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8 Responses to “6 Must have wordpress plugins”

  1. Thomas Maier

    04. Aug, 2009

    Google Analytics sucks because it’s Google (means: evil ;) . Have you ever seen http://fc.webmasterpro.de/ ? It’s German, but “nevertheless” great!

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  4. Rick

    05. Aug, 2009

    Everyone at one point or another should give all these a try. Nice list!

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  7. Stanley

    21. Aug, 2009

    cool! i using few plugin from your suggestion ! just leave a msg to thank you.

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