Hey You..Come Here

Posted on 11. Jan, 2010 by David Y in General

Now that your here please grab your favorite drink, put up your feet and relax…I have wonderful news to share. HowsYourBlog is closing in on it’s first year anniversary. The site has gone through many changes, tons of new features have been added in both behind the scenes as well as in the front row for all to see, however to me it just wasn’t enough.

Over the past few months I’ve done quite the bit of observing to see what you my dear readers are the most interested in. Lists style posts are great but the ooo awe factor soon wears off.

I’ve always been told it’s the little things that make the most difference so besides the over redesign featuring awesome post it note comment images, the twitter update so everyone can stalk ¬†follow me in real time, there is one nifty new feature that I’m truly proud of and that is I like this post.

Right under the title and date if you like the post but happen to be in a rush or even not in the mood to leave a comment you can still interact and leave input.

As mentioned before the one year anniversary of HowsYourBlog is coming up and with that said I’ll be working on a few other features to make commenting and interacting a whole lot more fun and easier. In the very near future I do have some goodies lined up.

I really do appreciate my readers for the comments, emails, retweets and sharing of the articles on the site.  However late it may be Happy New Year to all and the best of luck and prosperity in 2010.

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