How To Recycle At Work

Posted on 03. 10, 2016 by David Y in Freelance

Commercial entities are the top waste contributors. There is the high production of bottles, papers, cardboards and boxes with most ending in dumpsites. The government has tried to legislate commercial waste law to reduce environmental degradation, but the best result can only be achieved by a change in workers perception on waste production.

Recycling is one of the most cost and time effective ways of waste management. Let us start by understanding why we need to recycle at work. Recycling makes sense as it is easy to set up and run, it helps protect against environmental degradation; it is cost effective, saves office space and reduces cluster among other reasons.

So how is recycling made possible in the workplace as a method of office clearance London ?

Launch and promote

Office recycling needs everyone assuming you work in a company. The launching will help to make others aware and make rules clear for everyone to follow. Ways to promote include training session or to demonstrate how waste will be recycled. There should exist a communication channel that will remind the staff about recycling and it is important. These can be through email or staff information boards.

Find a recycling champion

If you feel passionate about the responsibility, this person should be you. The person will be responsible for recycling program depending on the size of the business. You need to be a good communicator and help other follow through the recycling plans.

Know the materials to be recycled

Almost all office material can be recycled. Start by primary waste such as cardboard, paper and plastic and later work your way up. Electric waste and scrap metals belong to the company, and you should give ideas on how to safely dispose them off.

Determine how recyclable waste should be collected

Recyclable waste should be put in a different bin to the non-recyclable. Label the bin for other to follow suit. If there is a high production of recyclables, make an arrangement with a waste collection company to collect the waste frequently. Check the credential of the company of choice and ensure they recycle their waste.

As you find recycling waste contractors, consider the following questions. What office materials are recyclable? Does the recycling company cater the size of your business/ how much storage or bins will they provide? How frequently can they collect the waste? Etc.

Educate and evaluate

You and other environmental sensitive workmates should push the company to educate the employee on the importance of waste managements. This will sensitise the workers on how waste destroy the environment and what they can do to help.

The three R’s rule should be highly prioritised as it covers the fundamentals of waste management procedures. As a company look for additional ways that will improve recycling. When the program starts to run, let the success be known. It will act as a motivator and help workers not only recycle but reduce the amount of waste they produce.

The material collected can be used in the manufacture of new products and reduce landfills. Making new products from recycled office waste is energy efficient and economical.

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