Twitter Link Roundup 3/08/2010

Posted on 08. Mar, 2010 by David Y in Tidbits

It has been awhile since I’ve shared links that have been inspirational, motivational and resourceful to me during the week. Honestly it’s hard to just pick a few links as it seems each and every day tons of new resources are being made available to us all. However in the honor of keeping things simple here are a few. Enjoy.

How to Be More Likeable -

How to Tell When It’s Time to Take A Break -

What Happens to Your Website When You Die? –

Create A Floating Navigation Using HTML, CSS and jQuery –

38 Cool MooTools Plugins Developers Should Know –

Why Designers Shouldn’t Settle –

A Look Into Color Theory –

10 Purchases To Save You Time  -

Set and Accomplish Your Goals –

Jump-Start Your Freelance Career -

The One Essential Tool You Need to Brand, Market and Manage Twitter –

10 sql tips to speed up your database –

Unique Handwritten Free Fonts For Your Next Designs –

How to best leverage your articles for SEO –

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  1. LOL, love the bird, it’s really cute when it’s in 4d like taht. Almost as if it is alive :D

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