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Happy Holiday’s


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Have a safe and fun filled holiday season.

From HowsYourBlog.

Staying Focused In a Noisy Environment



Chaos and mayhem just so happens to rear it’s ugly head whenever we try to focus on a given task. Disturbances range from the noisy co-worker, someones cell phone, the office radio with the annoying music, the noisy co-workers down the hall and the list can go on and on.


Milestones and Good Times


It has been a rough ride the past 7 months here at HowsYourBlog. During this time of hard work and swear I’ve turned this site from being a autoblog(blame the previous owner) to a resource for designers, writers and freelancers alike and the best part is things are just getting started.

HowsYourBlog is now averaging the following stats:

15,880 uniques a month and growing

240 – 300 uniques a day and growing

41,119 pageviews a month and growing

22.17 % Bounce Rate

Alexa Rank of 483,111 and dropping

So to thank all my readers and subscribers there will be a whole host of new features as well as a new design for the site.. including but not limited to…

User link feed – where users can submit relevant links to articles and resources(great way to gain extra traffic)

Job Board – Finding a job these days is quite the task in itself so to make things even a tad bit easier somewhere in the future I’ll be adding this in.

New site design – Feature a fresh and easy way to find what your looking for.

Subscribe by email – Should have been a feature from the start but it’s here now :)

Contests. – Details coming soon.

Freebies – From wallpapers to icon packs and other good stuff in between.

Also here is a teaser of the new site design.


Featuring a featured post slider. Subscribe to comments, Live comment preview and many other nifty things I’m still testing out.

I’m also looking for guest writers.. so if your passion is in design, writing or development or even humor that relates to any of these.. head on over to the contact form and send me a quick message.

Would love to hear your thoughts as well as suggestions to what you would like to see here on the site.. feel free to let me know via the comments below.

Downtime woes


It appears that someone was trying to launch a DDOS attack on HYB today, why I truly have no idea and to be completely honest I truly do wonder as to why people do such things.

Thankfully and very gratefully the issue seems to be under control and I truly do love my hosting company for acting quickly to help me get my site back up.

Starting Monday there will be a contest on HYB so be sure to look out for that and a few other good things I was working on before the attack happened.

Upcoming Goodness


For years I tried to start a successful site, something people would enjoy and come back to time and time again, yet somehow couldn’t quite grasp the concept. It wasn’t for lack of reading all the way s to make your site better, or even studying successful sites to figure out what they did, honestly it seemed as if I just didn’t find my bliss.

So now that I have found my bliss over the next few weeks, months and maybe years I’m solely going to focus on giving back. Whether it be talking about a new and interesting food discovery that you may have been hesitating to try out or releasing a template/icon pack I’m going to do it.

When I originally got this site it was setup to do auto reviews. Honestly and in a upcoming post I will go into way more detail as to why I terribly dislike such things but back to the point. For months I wondered what I should do to turn it around and make it grow and I’m proud to say I’ve found that path.

So be sure to subscribe and tell a friend about HYB because I guarantee that many new and exciting things are coming your way. Things like

  • Freebies(icon, templates n etc)
  • Contests
  • Interviews  with people from various industries

and many other great things.

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